More Decor!

A few years ago, I stashed some old plastic storage bins in my parents basement with the intentions of eventually giving them a face-lift.

With my recent renovation of an old chair and ironing board, I decided to make use of the bins as well as the leftover fabric and spray paint.

I cleaned spray painted the white housing, embroidered some labels on the fabric, and then hot glued it to the bins.

It definitely spiced up the dingy old ones!

I have a few more drawers and label ideas which I will be painting and adding, but this is all I’ve gotten to so far!


WVU Bear

I’ve been planning to make a teddy bear for my niece Ella for a little while now and just hadn’t quite decided on the colors to go with. Naturally, she’s already a WVU football fan since her parents love the team. Last time I was visiting, I learned that at one and a half years old, she already knows the touchdown symbol, so I decided a WVU bear was the way to go.

I’m really picky about the colors in the bears faces as well as the look of the eyes, so I waited until last to decide what colors to use for the head.

The WV emblem was an afterthought, as I didn’t have the file to embroider it but decided to spend some time creating the pattern myself with my embroidery software. It would have looked much better embroidered directly onto the foot, but it was too late, so I had to stitch it on by hand after the fact.

As for the eyes, I’m still not quite sure how I want to go about that. I had stitched some of the yellow jersey fabric on as eyes, but removed them because they looked rather creepy.

In the past, I had trouble coming up with an idea for the eyes which is comparable to buttons, but baby safe. I had an idea of what I thought would look cute with the embroidery machine, but am still learning my software so I wasn’t sure I could design exactly what I had in mind.

Guess what, I did it, spot on. The eyes turned out just like I had hoped! Because it was an afterthought, I had to make them as an applique and stitch them on, but in the future, Id like to try to embroider them directly onto the face before stitching the back of the head to the front.

Small Fall Tote

My grandmother’s birthday just passed this week, so I thought it would be nice to make her a little something. She’s pretty incredible in many ways. She has raised up an awesome family of 6 children, 12 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. She’s probably changed more diapers in her lifetime than anyone could count, and she puts her family above everything.

She has traveled the world, yet is very modest and humble. She deserves to have anything she would ever desire, yet follows a budget and is very practical being careful not to consume beyond her needs. That is the best way to sum up my thoughts of Grandmom in a few short sentences.

I made her a little fall tote for her grocery trips that I think she will enjoy.

I’m really not sure if she reads my blog, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had it bookmarked… she’s more tech savvy than your average grandmom! (If you see this before Wednesday Gram, sorry for ruining the surprise!)

I took it apart after I finished it the first time and made some adjustments. I really liked how the colors in the flowers complimented the stripes, so I decided to fold them over to show them off a little bit. I also threw in a magnetic snap. Now that it’s “done”, I really wish I had added a pocket as well. I guess you’re never fully satisfied with your own work!

I Love Fabric… Duh!

I had a little fun with a dollar store picture frame, some glamor shots of my fav baby girls, fabric, ribbon, & beads last night.

I thought about buying a few small pretty picture frames for them, but I really wasn’t sure what sizes I had. I decided to just grab a cheapie frame and dress it up.

I also had another quick little project I whipped up today. Someone (I will not point fingers) left my folding chair outside for an evening and decided to use it as a stepping stool a few times. Needless to say, it got pretty gross looking.

I figured if I was going to spend the time to recover it, I may as well have fun with it and do something funky. I sprayed the chair with blue rustoleum paint and covered the chair pads with canvas. This look was actually inspired by a little cupcake shop I was in, and I plan to incorporate it into my sewing room some how.

I don’t think anyone will be quick to step on that pretty little thing, nor put it outside for that matter🙂 Ironically, I found an ironing board cover and some decorative boxes that match on clearance in Michael’s, so I sprayed my old ironing board with the leftover blue rustoleum.

My husband caught me in action. I also embellished the boxes with blue ribbon.

I can’t wait until we get our house. I’m going to have so much fun decorating my crafting / sewing room!

Converting the Bride

My God Daughter Aaliyah wanted a very specific “dark bride” costume, which was extremely overpriced. Having made the Bowser costume for her little brother, I didn’t hesitate to offer to make her a special costume too.

Cute, but $88 for a halloween costume? No way! Rather than measuring her and starting with a pattern from scratch, my aunt got a white dress at TJ Max for $30 and I told her I would embellish it.

I got a little carried away with the “embellishments”. It pretty much looks like a different dress now, but it’s not too far off from the one she wanted.

This was much easier than Bowser since I was able to pretty much cut the dress apart, add some fabric, and sew it back together. The best part about it is the tulle, lace, & ribbon for converting the dress only cost me about $15. So Aaliyah gets her costume for half the price🙂

Halloween Costumes

My little cousin needed some help with his Halloween costumes this year, as he had his heart set on being Bowser from the Nintendo game. Unfortunately for him, that’s not a costume you can easily get your hands on. Fortunately for him, his much older cousin has a little sewing talent🙂

There is no pattern for the bowser costume, specifically, so I had to get extra creative with this one. With a little googling, youtubing, and input from my friends via facebook, here’s what I came up with.

And the better news, my measurements were accurate… it fits!

My aunt had previously asked me to make the baby a trick-or treat bag with a specific phrase on it to go with his “inmate” costume. I whipped this one up first, actually. I just haven’t had much time to blog.

The embroidery machine was the highlight of this project. I really had no clue what the final product would look like. I just started pulling materials from my scrap fabric bin and went for it.

Get it, he was incarcerated for stealing their hearts. So cute!


I bought a book of apron patterns a while back and I finally got around to coordinating some fabrics to make myself one.

I taught my sister in law how to sew this week, and I let her borrow my extra sewing machine so she can get some practice in. I planned to teach her with the apron, but she liked the one with the defined chest. I laughed when she picked it and said I’d sew the chest portion for her. She had me cracking up, at one point she said “Couldn’t we had started with a cloth napkin or something?!”

She volunteered to model a picture of the finished product for me, so in my opinion, that gives me permission to post them on my blog😉 We decided aprons don’t get ironed, so don’t mind the fold.

She has a keen eye for colors and decor, so I can’t wait to see what she makes once she gets the hang of that sewing machine! I haven’t made my apron yet, but I will post pics when I get around to it.